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  Enviro-Dome™ Cage DIY Kit
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Enviro-Dome™ Vivarium Kit

The complete habitat enclosure for a mini-environment including everything you need but the sun and animals.

Build a World!

This deluxe kit includes the directions, Enviro-Dome parts and many other materials you need to create your miniature indoor jungle, desert or meadow with a variety of plant and animal life to share it. It even includes soil and seeds! All you must add are the animals and elements required for their health plus loving care, water and sunshine to make it a living world. With a 4" deep water-tight base and generous inside space, this kit can support the small animals or insects of a miniature marsh or tropical forest, a tiny desert, or a countertop temperate meadow or forest. Large enough for a hamster, cavy, anole, canary, gekko, tropical fish, frog, salamander, crab, spider, turtle or a few of them to share with land or water plants, this miniature habitat will fit on a table or shelf 24" deep and 30" long. It can be fully furnished and still weigh less than a laundry basked of cothes. It can be sealed effectively enough to keep desireable small insects in or harmful ones out. With the flexibility to support a dry, wet, warm or cool habitat, this kit works well with a wide range of heaters, misters and other readily available products. The broad range of practical access options includes small access doors you can add in the top or side, the standard tilt-up / tilt-off dome lid or even sleeves, air-lock, or glove-box options for sealed maintenance with no option of escape for the smallest, quickest creatures inside. No other havitat system gives you more flexibility for creating a practical miniature habitat. Some of these options do require modification of the cabinet with common woodworking tools.

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Access Door Type
Standard kit requires all openings for feeding & ventilation to be cut/drilled/covered by the customer. Option 3 (sleeves) includes built-in, controlled maintenance access; other options require raising the dome, or customer alterations

Habitat Type
Three standard kits are available, for Tropical, Temperate, Desert and Marsh (Paludarium) Habitats.

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From Museum Displays to Interactive Demonstrations to Terraria, Vivaria and Pet Cages, the Enviro-Dome is the modern, flexible, solution. Rugged, clear, light-weight and practical, Enviro-Dome models protect and contain plants, animals, science displays, collectables, liquids, powders and an endless list of other items. They are Exhibit-Dome interactive displays for Museums, Trade Shows and Education. They are Terrariums, Vivariums, Bird, Reptile, Insect and Rodent Cages. They are portable mini- green houses and seedling starters. They are portable, lockable, table-top mountable and available as passive displays or interactive glove-box cabinets.  

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