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  Enviro-Dome™ Cage DIY Kit
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Enviro-Dome™ Terrarium Basic Kit


The Enviro-Dome™ Terrarium Kit A is the basic starter kit for a Grand Terrarium. It includes the planter base, Dome cabinet gasket and instructions for where to find and how to assemble the soil, plants and other materials needed for your own unique mini-garden. This kit provides the basics for a terrarium, indoor mini-greenhouse, mini-bonsai or miniature garden to provide endless enjoyment and relaxing charm. Note - plants, stones, soil and other contents shown are not included in this kit. To contain, display and protect your precious mini-garden from pets, clutter, insects drafts and just about anything else you can think of, this dome is the obvious choice. It can help a wetter, dryer, warmer or cooler habitat for your plants than you could tolerate in your home. If you care enough about your plants to devote your personal time to care for them, an Enviro-Dome will protect and enhance your small garden world. When pets, children, insects, dry household air or other environmental dangers threaten your special plants, the envirodome protects them. If your mini-garden must be moved from room to room, or even in and out of your home, the envirodome supports that mobility while protecting the garden as it is moved. Whatever your plans or needs, the Enviro-Dome™ Terrarium has features that will improve the convenience, security and control of the habitat so important to your plants.

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  • Rugged, light weight, clear plastic dome protects, displays, transports and contains
  • Large enough for several plants, but small enough for a table or shelf
  • Easy to modify or adapt, the cabinet can be altered with common woodworking tools
  • Durable as it is beutiful, it is virtually unbreakable, and resistant to harsh cleaners and chemicals
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From Museum Displays to Interactive Demonstrations to Terraria, Vivaria and Pet Cages, the Enviro-Dome is the modern, flexible, solution. Rugged, clear, light-weight and practical, Enviro-Dome models protect and contain plants, animals, science displays, collectables, liquids, powders and an endless list of other items. They are Exhibit-Dome interactive displays for Museums, Trade Shows and Education. They are Terrariums, Vivariums, Bird, Reptile, Insect and Rodent Cages. They are portable mini- green houses and seedling starters. They are portable, lockable, table-top mountable and available as passive displays or interactive glove-box cabinets.  

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