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  Enviro-Dome™ Cage DIY Kit
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The Enviro-Dome Vivarium is the most versatile habitat we make for combinations of living things from aquatic plants to small fish, birds or insects or any other small creatures you want or need in your micro-universe. Suitable as a mini garden, paludarium, tiny desert or most any other earth habitat, this dome is a license to create a living environment your way.

Enviro-Dome™ Vivarium Kit - the ultimate modern habitat system for plants, animals, fish, insects & birds  
This is a bio-dome or vivarium to contain a habitat you build with your own hands to create your own miniature world. Most plants, animals, insects and birds that can thrive in a space 16" by 2 feet can share this special space. Exotic spiders and insects, mini-bonsai trees, salamanders, small fish, canaries, cacti, anoles, snails, frogs, toads and tropical snakes are a few of the living things that can share this space. Some assembly and woodworking tool modification is required depending on options selected.

From Museum Displays to Interactive Demonstrations to Terraria, Vivaria and Pet Cages, the Enviro-Dome is the modern, flexible, solution. Rugged, clear, light-weight and practical, Enviro-Dome models protect and contain plants, animals, science displays, collectables, liquids, powders and an endless list of other items. They are Exhibit-Dome interactive displays for Museums, Trade Shows and Education. They are Terrariums, Vivariums, Bird, Reptile, Insect and Rodent Cages. They are portable mini- green houses and seedling starters. They are portable, lockable, table-top mountable and available as passive displays or interactive glove-box cabinets.  

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