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  Enviro-Dome™ Cage DIY Kit
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House your exotic pets, small animals, birds, or other creatures deserving special protection in an Enviro-Dome Animal Habitat. These versatile domes are adapted for the containment of practically any small animal environment. Requiring no more shelf space than a 27" TV, these cabinets are easy to clean and maintain and very secure.

Molded from a rugged, space-age polymer, they can be easily altered with common woodworking tools to add features needed for the health, safety and security of your small friends. You can choose from three models and dozens of variations to help you create the perfect habitat. Whether used to house frogs, small birds, fish, hamsters, cavys, lizards, spiders, crabs or some combination of them with other animals and plants, this Enviro-Dome provides reliable protection for those inside. Whether you need to set up the habitat in minutes, or take time to create something unique, one of these models will get you there.

Enviro-Dome Cage Standard - the quckest, simplest model for creating a versatile habitat  
Dome cage is available ready to use, or as a discounted kit

Enviro-Dome Cage DIY Kit - buy some parts at the home center and build it yourself to expand your options & save money.  

A full-featured kit includes extra options and plants to enhance the habitat:

Vivarium Kit For the most options to house your animals and condition their habitat  

From Museum Displays to Interactive Demonstrations to Terraria, Vivaria and Pet Cages, the Enviro-Dome is the modern, flexible, solution. Rugged, clear, light-weight and practical, Enviro-Dome models protect and contain plants, animals, science displays, collectables, liquids, powders and an endless list of other items. They are Exhibit-Dome interactive displays for Museums, Trade Shows and Education. They are Terrariums, Vivariums, Bird, Reptile, Insect and Rodent Cages. They are portable mini- green houses and seedling starters. They are portable, lockable, table-top mountable and available as passive displays or interactive glove-box cabinets.  

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