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  Enviro-Dome™ Cage DIY Kit
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  Exhibit-Dome Case
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Clear, Rugged Domes for use as dispay cases, museum exhibits and tools for interactive demonstration, these domes are versatile, strong and secure. At under 10 lbs, the cabinet is ultra-light, yet strong enough to support hundreds of lbs without damage. Easily mounted on a table top or counter, the cabinet can also be used in mobile, portable applications. It can be applied in an extremely wide range of uses, and can be easily modified with common woodworking tools.

Exhibit-Dome Products:

Exhibit-Dome Standard - the clear dome glove box for interactive exhibits and displays  
For more clearance and control of mobile materials:

Exhibit-Dome DG - the Dome Glove Box exhibit case with the DEEP BOWL base  
To contain displays or exhibits that dont often change:

Exhibit-Dome Case - the clear dome display case with versatility, portability and ruggedness  
For more clearance and display of mobile materials:

Exhibit-Dome Case D - the deep-bottom exhibit display case for use to contain water or house larger treasures or experiments  

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Free Guide & Win an I-Pod Get our free Interactive Exhibit Design Guide and enter our contest to win a free I-Pod  

From Museum Displays to Interactive Demonstrations to Terraria, Vivaria and Pet Cages, the Enviro-Dome is the modern, flexible, solution. Rugged, clear, light-weight and practical, Enviro-Dome models protect and contain plants, animals, science displays, collectables, liquids, powders and an endless list of other items. They are Exhibit-Dome interactive displays for Museums, Trade Shows and Education. They are Terrariums, Vivariums, Bird, Reptile, Insect and Rodent Cages. They are portable mini- green houses and seedling starters. They are portable, lockable, table-top mountable and available as passive displays or interactive glove-box cabinets.  

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